Bangalore Tour Packages ( 3N/4D: 1N Bangalore / 1N Mysore / 1N Kukke Subramanya Swami )

Kukke Subramanya Swami Temple
Karnataka Packages
3N/4D: ( 1N Bangalore / 1N Mysore / 1N Kukke Subramanya Swami )
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Mysore Packages
4N/5D( 1N Bangalore/ 1N Mysore/ 2N Ooty )

About Bangalore Tourism

Tourism is something which ensures a few memorable days to everyone. Away from the monotony of our daily chores, away from the worries of professional and personal life spend a few days of enjoyment and fun in exactly way you want it to be. The Silicon city of Bangalore is also one of the popular tourist destinations which is not just a modern city with all latest facilities and services but also offers a multitude of entertaining options. Located at a height of 949 m above sea level, this capital city of Karnataka has something to offer everyone. Bangalore Tourism is not catered to only a particular set of tourists but I fit for everyone with varying interests and differing ideas of holidaying.

As soon as you enter this beautiful piece of soul-quenching land, the greenery will slow down your pace, so that you can enjoy a laid-back vacation. Kerala truly has everything that can make your dream vacations come true, as if the swathe has actually passed against the “magic mirror” and transformed into a more buoyant area. The state is away from all the frenzies of the world, resting in its own original state, giving its visitor a perfect example of natural beauty, round the year.

However to have an amazing tour to this marvelous city of South India, you need to plan a proper tour plan. We at Holidays DNA, a leading tour operator for Tourism in Bangalore, offer an amazing range of Bangalore tour packages. Our tour packages take care of everything related to your travel such as finding a suitable accommodation for you, booking your tickets (flight, railways or bus), booking of taxi and even guide if needed and information on various aspects of the destination. All you need to do is to select one of the packages from our lot. And if you require anything specific you can let us know u know to get a customized tour package for yourself. Not just tour plans for Bangalore we cover a wide variety of packages for Weekend Getaways from Bangalore.

Have a walk amidst the lush greenery of parks or just sit and relax by the side of refreshing lakes like Sanky Tank or Ulsoor Lake. Explore the wildlife at a national park or visit a historical monument. Have a relaxed day or two with your family at a luxurious hotel or resort in the city or spend an exciting night enjoying the lively environments of its clubs and pubs. Bring out the child in you at amazing amusement parks or have a memorable dining experience. There are more than just a few options to keep yourself engaged in this vibrant city of Bangalore.

There are many interesting tourism attractions in Bangalore which are worth visiting. Some of these are beautiful botanical garden of Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Lumbini Gardens, historically significant places like Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan's Palace, Vidhan Soudha, religious places like Venkataramana Swamy Temple, ISKCON Temple, Gavi Gangadeshwara Cave Temple, Dodda Ganapathi Temple, Maha Bodhi Society Temple, natural beauties like Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, Bannerghatta National Park along with other popular tourist spots such as Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government, JawaharLal Nehru Planetarium, Seshadari Iyer Memorial, Bangalore Aquarium, Wonder La amusement park, etc.

If you are looking for tourist sightseeing places nearby Bangalore then you need not worry as there are many interesting places to visit which are just a few kilometers away from the city. With our specially customized Bangalore Tour Packages, depending on the duration of your tour and your interest you can choose from the varied choices that Bangalore Tourism offer. Some of the worth visiting places in Bangalore are Manchanabele Dam (45km), Pearl Valley (38km), Magadi (40km), Sri Siddalingeswara Yoga Vana Hills (30km), Savanadurga (60km), Ramnagara (50km) which is popularly known to be the Mecca of rock climbers, Devrayanadurga, Ghati Subramanya (45km), Kolar (70km), Janapada Loka, Shivaganga, Nandi Hills (58 kms), Pyramid Valley (44 kms), Chunchi Falls, Sangama & Mekedattu, and many more. A trip to Bangalore is sure to exciting and leave you with full of wonderful memories.

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